Sunday, 1 November 2009

Style Profile: Julia Restoin Roitfeld

I'm not really into obsessively fawning over celebrities, or one to queue up for hours to buy Kate Moss @ Topshop just because her name's on the label (I mean, come on, £85 pyjamas?!), however although I do not wish to imitate anyone's style, I can, however, admire.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld is a model (currently the face of Tom Ford & Jil Sander's latest fragrances), creative director and the daughter of Carine Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue. Originally from Paris and while her mother is a style maven in her own right, Julia's 'carefully thrown together,' image, complete with blackened khol eyes, body con pieces and sky high platforms is a look I've always embraced myself (ask anyone I know). However, she also has the piercing, almost feline, green eyes and a great red lipsticked pout, plus the small benefit of having the wardrobe of a Vogue legend to work with. I mean, who else could team a £30 American Apparel dress with a £900 Alaia belt? (well I might if I had the cash). Other key Julia-isms include motorcycle jackets, a lot of black, microminis, mussed up hair and anything with spandex to complete the look.

I've always admired Julia's chic Parisian-in-NY look, as it's is one that isn't afraid to be sexy, but still maintains taste whilst managing to enhance her curvy (in a fashion context) figure. And why not? She looks great. She keeps fashion playful, as it should be, and doesn't take it all too seriously; she's a lot more experimental than the average Parisian woman, as their fashion is a lot more conservative. However, she now resides in NYC where she can gallavant in any gladrags without noses being turned up at the flashes of skin. She was a friend of my ex-boss when I worked in Manhattan and I remember having to send packages of dresses for her. We then kept a close eye on the NY Social Diary to see if she ever wore them, so that we could snap them up for the press folder, because she looked great in everything.

Anyway, Julia rocks - and here are her best bits.


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