Friday, 30 October 2009

Le Weekend avec L

Feeling a bit French today. My chic Parisian housemate is attempting to revive the A grade French student that once was me. It's almost all forgotten.

...speaking of which, whilst holed up in the almost-countryside that I'll be residing in until the New Year, the memories of brighter and better cities does teasingly slink through the mind. I did a quick stop in Paris in August and I almost forgot how amazing it was. Why does everyone look so good?! Even L, said French housemate has her cute mahogany bob thing going on and always stands poised.

"It is very class, no?" is her current favourite phrase, one used frequently during our laborious trawl from one end of Selfridges to the other dans le weekend when I took her back home to London for her first time in 10 years. I accompanied her at a necessarily militant pace as she clocked up the Euros, grabbing off the shelves everything from Links of London jewellery for her sister ("this is big brand in London?") and patent courts in the designer shoe lounge ("ahhh this is good price" - WTF? Really?!).

My shopping bag consisted of a Clinique foundation; the queue in MAC was too long.

Me and 2 girlfriends took L out to Ghost, Farringdon on Samedi and you could almost see her physically recoil at the half naked dancers in skirt-tankinis dancing on the bar and the too-small lurid floral printed New Look bandeau dresses stretched to their limit and bandaged over the thighs and backsides of London's finest wannabe wags. Standing in her high necked 30's style cocktail dress, opaque tights and towering stilettos (the new additions from the shoe lounge), she whispered to me with distaste, "these girls are like prostitute, no?" Indeed L, indeed. Although I suggested 'tramp' may be a better word to use in English.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Should really be in bed now...was bored so attempted to make cut out shoulder pads using an old strepsils box. Did not work. May have to start saving the 7 or 8 grand for the Balmain, at which point it will be out of fashion. Ridiculous.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Blake in Balmain...

Absolutely KNACKERED. Trying to apply for jobs etc for when I return to London from this God-forsaken countryside but am really lacking the motivation...Gossip Girl series 3 is calling....
 ...speaking of Gossip my friend Folu brought this to my attention....we know Balmain is stiilllll rocking it this season, however I feel this look is somewhat lost on Blake Lively. The dress is hot, the girl is super hot, but somehow this seems this particular shoulderpadded dream is one that only works on girls with the boy figures and not so much on the girls with the girl's figure (i.e.with the boobs and the bum...)?

Monday, 19 October 2009

The First Post

So this is my first post. I'm absolutely exhausted. Hard, but fun day at work. Aside from the humungous pile of fabric approvals in my inbox, was a mad morning with buying trade meetings so had to Diet Coke it the rest of the day.

However, stayed on top of things and eliminated inbox in time for me to get home and salivate over this fantastic Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch I spied on Net-A-Porter....

I will be taking donations. £795 anyone?