Friday, 13 November 2009

Moving Up?

Hey Fashion Lov-ahs,


First of all, happy 21st Birthday to my sister, Leigh! Woop Woop! (although technically her birthday's over now, sorry Leigh).

As usual, I'm absolutely zonked (I'm sure you're tired of hearing that now) but I have had a MAD couple of days. Basically I was put forward to potentially move to another, more exciting ladieswear department in my head office (still not telling you where! Those that know, please do not comment! :P) but there's a few other people going for the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I love working where I am now, but it was an opportunity not to be missed, no?

I was helpfully given 2 days notice that my interview was at the end of the working day (today) so basically had 2 evenings to sort out a sh*tload of work, including my forever mounting pile in my inbox and tying up loose ends before the Assistant Buyer goes on holiday next week, when I will be undoubtedly be seeing to her task list as well. But it's all good in the hood because I LOVE LOVE my job and don't mind working like a madwoman. Not yet anyway.

So last night, my fabulous French housemate, L, and I went to our nearest branch of my company's store and she sat in the car bundled up in her scarf while I snapped pics of all the ladies' collections. I had to argue a bit with the jobsworth of a store manager who didn't want me to take photos "because it looks untidy" (stupid moose - should keep it neat then) but finally she gave up and I was free to roam, well, not for too long because L's patience is somewhat short when she's tired and hasn't had her soup.

The next day I toiled and worked in silence for a day or two to get work out of the way in order to prepare this AW09 trend presentation to show the lady-buyers. I got all the lovely designers and buyers in the company I know from different areas to be discreet in throwing me some useful info, resources and pointers. It was great, if I may say so  myself, although it bloody should have been after I stayed in the office until 1.30am, yes - you read correctly - last night.

I looked so pathetic. As the last dribs and drabs of the office directors and workaholics left at 10pm, I was there, alone in the building sitting cross legged on the floor in my knee high socks, slightly jittery from caffine (I'm detoxing at the moment so just one coffee was a shock to my system), skin translucent and pale with an under eye situation reminiscent of two giant bin liners, cutting away frantically at pictures from The security guards which changed every hour (well, I think they did, but I'm having trouble recalling anything after 11pm) all felt a bit sorry for me, this 5"2 elf-like creature skulking in the corners of the design department, back and forth from the printer. They even offered me cups of coffee and interesting titbits that I had missed about the outside world whilst being cooped up in the building for so long (namely about the Jedward controvery and Katie Price entering the celebrity jungle yet again, this time for £450k). They all waved me a cheery goodbye when my extortionate black cab rolled up close to 2am and I felt almost sad that I would never see my twilight friends again.

Anyway, for the board I chose 4 huge trends for AW09: my 2 favourites are 'Fabulous 40's" - cinched waists, ladylike, Christian Dior's 'The New Look' and the like - think Veronica Lake or Dita Von Teese (above), for a modern interpretation. 'Made in the 80's is an obvious one but I love it: Balmain ("he's so hot right now"), shoulder pads, shoulder pads, shoulder pads, Armand Basi biker jackets and more shoulderpads. I had this hot pic of Blondie (top), Annie Lennox, The Sex Pistols & Madge (of course) for inspiration. Other trends were 'Velvet Luxe' and 'Woodland Trundle.'If I get it I'll post the pictures (there's still girls being interviewed, I don't want to take any chances!)

Anyway, this is why I have been AWOL for the best part of the week (re: facebook replies etc...sorry....), although life has been somewhat updated via Twitter ( But it's all over now so I can rest. I wore my fave frill high neck black silk shirt & puffball skirt that I got from Barami in NYC, and my Mum's turquoise stone necklace to finish it off. Whoever told you that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside probably didn't look good.

No offence.

I was happy with how it went, so I will let you know what happens (a few weeks wait I'm afraid) - pray for me guys! And if it don't happen, it means God has bigger and better plans for me... :)

Ciao Bellas


PS. Are we excited about Jimmy Choo @ H&M tomorrow?
PPS: I have updated the music because I felt Blondie was a fab choice for the theme of this post :)

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