Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Are you a designer who wants to showcase in London Fashion Week?

Sorry I haven't posted for a week.

I'm absolutely zonked and have so much to do aaaggh!
The problem with trying to do a zillion projects (fashion related) at once, means that you leave yourself little no time to even plan the first one. Methinks I need to start walking before running. I'm so impatient... details of projects to follow!

Actually, I'll let you in on the first one (excuse the blatant plug).

Do you know/are you a fashion designer that wants to showcase your designs in London Fashion Week?

If so, let me know!

I'm currently working with fashion events company Sunshine Grace (sunshine-grace.com; fashionmavericks.blogspot.com) scouting designers to show off up and coming talent in February's SS10 Fashion week.

We have a fantastic venue, The Strand Palace Hotel, which is within minutes of Somerset House, surrounding the home of the event. If you think your designs cut the mustard, apply via email at AlexDoesFashion@gmail.com - serious entries only please. For further details just email the address above or check out fashionmavericks.blogspot.com.

Tell a friend to tell a friend!


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