Monday, 2 November 2009

I want a David Koma!

I'm feeling ill today (boo) and wasn't going to post, but I couldn't go to bed without giving a little mention to David Koma, the designer of our Cheryl's controversial dress on Saturday's (or was it Sunday's?) XFactor.

I absolutely loved the dress, but not everyone did - infact, at work I was the only one on the desk that didn't think it was an outfit reminiscent of a UFO meets Gary Glitter (before the dark times).

However, David Koma is officially the New Hot Thing On The Block and methinks we have more to come. And hopefully he may be the one to replace the godawful Henry Holland in London's cluster of fresh design talent and join the other spandex-hungry Brit geniuses such as Marios Schwab and Julien McDonald.

Koma, a Central St. Martin's MA student, leapt straight out of school, sauntered down the runway and landed fashionably feet first into London's exclusive Browns Focus. Deservedly so, though, as whether or not it's your cup of tea, the talent speaks for itself. And as for me, fantasy, undiluted bodyconsciousness, eighties revival and unashamed exhibitionism is everything my heart desires. So glad I found him.

....hold on, could he be the new answer to my estranged Tom Ford??? OK, deep breaths, calm down. Let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Pieces have been in store since Summer, after being on the AW09 runway, but don't bother trying to buy one; since Chezza stepped out in one they're all sold out. You'll have to get behind me in the queue.


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