Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Hey Lovers,

It's been an absolutely mad week at work in the buying office. Did an 11hr day today and been running around like that mad Road Runner cartoon. My inbox has been attacked  by other members of the team who stick things in there when I'm away from my desk. I think I may start hiding it, although when the inbox is full they have taken to just putting them on the floor. The floor around my desk looks like the remnants of a half price Primark sale (an imaginary one. So before you put on your shoes and head for the door -they do not exist).

And then as a request from one of our diva-like supplier reps, she required 'urgent' colour palettes (when is it ever an 'urgent colour palette?') which then had me take 2hrs out of my hectic day to cutting up tiny squares of stupid bits of fabric to paper and then running to the post room for 3pm where I almost trip over myself and then skid to a halt at the TNT delivery guy, who I'm sure secretly laughs at me.

It's gone midnight and my feet are still killing me. I always collapse in a heap on the floor when I get home. I really think I need an assistant. I know I'M an assistant but maybe I should request one...or maybe I should wait til I've at least been on the department a month before I request the necessary army of 16yr old interns?

We're currently signing off the last few options for the Spring Summer 2010 collection so there's a lot of dragging endless rails of clothes across the office to try and decide on the perfect garments to sit in store. Today we decided on these beautiful blouses from one of our suppliers in India, one gorgeous white pure cotton blouse with French knotted detailing and another one shoulder with brocade detailing. I will be keeping an eye on those samples so I can add it to the growing stash under my desk. Just got to gather my balls and be brazen enough to try and get the senior buying manager to sign it out of the building for me (good luck, Alexandra). Maybe I should strategically separate the pile up and take them in gradually so I don't look like a greedy wotsit? I managed to nab a fantastic bodysuit - nice and simple and a lot cheaper (well, its free) than the identical ones I paid £28 for in bloody American Apparel. There's a leopard print one that's nearly ready to go to production so I'll be nabbing that as well. I could just wait for the employee sample sale and just queue up 20 minutes before everyone else (this happens) but, hey, I work in Ladieswear I should get priority >:|

Feel a bit like this:

Artist: Danny Roberts

However, we do have a 4hr Directors meeting tomorrow (!) but I heard through the grapevyne, that there's a fashion show too so yay! (I'll be seated in the aisle ready to grab any falling samples) and the email said we have a "special guest" oooooooh. The word going round is JLS? Perhaps not. Either way I'll be sitting on the edge of my swivel chair.
Ahh, all in a day's work :)


ps: Discovered the 'Artist of the Month' - Danny Roberts, the other week and he's amezzzinnn. Will def do an article on him soon, but in the meantime check out his work. Fanbloodytastic (blog: Igor and Andre on my blogroll).

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  1. Hey Alex, where are you working now? Sounds exciting!