Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shoe Porn

Happy 2010 Lovers!

So the country's gone into meltdown (excuse the pun) so I felt a snow fashion story was apt.
I bought a couple of beautiful pairs of boots over the Christmas season to keep my tootsies warm. It's so hard to find good boots sometimes, I've been looking all season and I've had an image of some shoes in my head which I've actually, after a few months, managed to see realised into an actual product sitting in a shop near me.

Still haven't managed to find a replacement pair of riding boots, though, which I think are absolute staple essentials. My mum has a fantastic patent leather pair from Marks & Spencer's that I always pinch when I go back home to London (she's since told me she will be hiding them) and when I went to buy a pair for myself, and they had sold out everywhere!


Would really like some Hermes ones though....

However, I fulfilled my platform shoe boot and mad crazy biker boot search criteria in Topshop (top) and Kurt Geiger (bottom) respectively so me is mucho happy if not significantly poorer. I freezed my arse off taking the photos so please enjoy! :)


  1. Would you believe I own both those pais of shoes? And am wearing the KGs right now? I love em, so comfy and you feel like such a rockstar!

  2. Bizaree! Great minds and all that :)