Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I don't want to even write this as I like to hold this store close to my heart. It's not yet a mass chain and even though its popular, its (suprisingly) not actually widely known, and stores are only in a few carefully selected, prime locations - I hope it stays that way!

One of my all time favourite shops is doing it again. And doing it hard.

When I lived in NYC, one thing I noticed was that there is no high street as we Brits know it. And although I get fed up of seeing the same 15 shops whenever I go shopping and having to venture out just go find some originality, you take it for granted that such a concept exists. For the best part of a year, I lived off a diet of H&M, vintage,  Junk Food tees and American Apparel. It got to the point where I could easily be wearing head-to-toe American Apparel several days of the week (and no, not the same items of clothing). During the colder months I lived in their ultra thick winter leggings and unisex v-necked sweaters which helped me brave the -10 degrees of snow, wind and hail. On 'skinny days' I would wear bodysuits (one variety of which I'm wearing in my profile photo). When I last counted, I owned 8 bodysuits - including one silver and gold lame ones, and would wear the silver under their loose fit tri-blend grey cardi to work, shopping, lunch or generally mooching around Manhattan. No kidding. A silver lame bodysuit to work.

American Apparel brings out the Fame child in you, it makes every step a Flashdance and it's that daring, body sculpting look that I love and adore. I've clocked up midriff baring cropped grey tees, stirrup tights, highwaisted non-existent mini skirts, jumpers, cardigans and more. I still bloody love the place.

Was browsing the site today (of course there's no store out in the bloody sticks where I live) and noticed that they have fascinating varieties of that lace trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Check out the pics below, including the lace bodysuits and bras. Lace bodystocking, anyone??

I'm actually drooling. At the clothes, not the girls...


My gorgeous friend Asha wearing lace to her birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago



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  1. AA has the best clothing ever!!

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